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Another AF question...

For anyone who has seen their monthly visitor, 

Has it changed? For better? Or for worse?



I started mine 3 months ago and each month has gotten shorter and shorter. I'm not totally letting my guard down though because it could be my PCOS acting up but I haven't seen any other symptoms of my PCOS since birth.

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Re: Another AF question...

  • I'm on the mini pill. Unfortunately AF comes twice a month now. It's just heavier.
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  • AF can get worse after birth? yeeesh :-/

    The last time I saw her was in February of last year.  But I hope to God when she comes back it's not with a vengeance. 

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  • I'm on my 2nd one. The first one lasted 3 days which is awesome because it normally lasted 5-6. This time around I thought it was my last day (3rd day) (*as posted in FFFC*) BUT like an hour after I posted that I started back up and it's heavier than


  • Ugh I hate it. I'm on the pill again and I feel like it's heavier, lasts longer, and I have cramps which I never had before. WTF
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