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pg cravings

has anyones cravings during pregnancy turned into food aversions post partum?
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Re: pg cravings

  • I was eating 3-4 apples a day during the 3rd trimester. Now I can barely eat one a day. Blegh.
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  • Opposite actually, food aversions are now my random little "I could go for a.." cravings.
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  • I ate nothing but peanut butter in the third trimester.  I don't think I've eaten it since-YUCK
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  • My only two cravings while pregnant were orange juice and red G2. I can no longer drink either.
  • I never had any pregnancy cravings. I only had an aversion to milk in the very beginning. I was so happy to get over that one. Now post partum, I have a sweet tooth like never before. However, it seems to be fading. Good thing for my waistline.

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