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NT SCAN AT 13 Weeks

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Ok, so we had a full NT scan at Crystal Run.  The measurement was 2.7 which is slightly elevated than their 2.5 standard.  Apparently other facilities utilize 3.0 or higher as an indicator.  Did anyone else have a NT above 2.5?  My husband and I are devastated.  I am only 32 years old in good health.  This is just so disheartening; please respond. 

Re: NT SCAN AT 13 Weeks

  • While the NT scan is a good tool, it has a VERY high fallacy rate.  That is why a lot of women (myself included) elect to skip it all together.

    Try to stay positive and relax about it.  If having a child with DS (I'm assuming that is

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  • I know a lot of people who have had false positives, so we opted out of the scan.  Try not to stress too much, meet with the MFM and see what is recommended. 



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  • If you are concerned ask for a second test. I personally refused all tests because of these concerns. Two of my sisters-in-law both were told that they were carrying children with DS and both my niece and nephew were born completely fine! While advancemen
  • Luckily, the blood work came back awesome and I am very low risk.  I also opted for T21 test and results are pending. 

  • I feel for you. Did kaminski do the nts? She did the same thing to my husband and I. Our daughters nuchal fold was borderline thick but no other problems with the scan. We were told our daughter could have turners syndrome. This was a real shock to me. We
  • She sure did....I was horrified.... But my blood work came back great, thank god!


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