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Q's for exclusive breast pumpers

Breast pump wipes... How necessary?

also, what else is uber important to have when exclusively breast pumping, or just BF'ing in general?

im placing an amazon order and need to know what I should definitely have on hand after baby comes. 


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Re: Q's for exclusive breast pumpers

  • I never used the wipes. I did love the sterilizer bags. Each one can be used several times so they last a long time.
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  • I don't use the wipes, but I do have three sets of parts the bottles, attachment with the seal and the nipple cone things so I don't wash them all the time. Also, get a bra that you can use to do hand free pumping.
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  • I never have pumped and most likely wont for number two either, so I'm no help there.

    Must haves for me are: nursing tanks x a billion. I wear them as a cami under everything I wear. I like the Gillian Omalley ones from Target.
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  • imageBritt8058:
    I never used the wipes. I did love the sterilizer bags. Each one can be used several times so they last a long time


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  • I had a pack of wipes they lasted me the whole time I pumped at work, a year. I used them for quick clean ups, wiping gown the desk I pumped at etc.
  • I didn't use the wipes but I always wanted them!

    I recommend the Medela Soft Shields. They are little domes to keep your bra from rubbing on sore nips. I loved them.

    I loved the the bags the others suggested.

    I also
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  • I also skipped the wipes - I think I had some but never used them. If you'll be pumping somewhere where you won't be able to wash parts in between pumps, then they might be useful. Otherwise, just have extra parts.

    Breast pads - I preferred fabri

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