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still nursing toddler and 25 weeks pregnant

I think that I had milk up until 20 weeks and now my suply has definitely decreased, but I still cosleep and my son usually just will nurse to sleep and a few times at night. 

I am most concerned about being away while at the hospital since I always have bedshared and nursed to sleep - he will be 3 when I have the baby.  It is looking like I will need a csection and have to be away for more than 1 night.  Anyone else in this situation?  I guess I would rather not tandem nurse as my son nursed 24/7 when he was little and that was overwhelming enough, but I don't want him to feel replaced either.  advice?

Re: still nursing toddler and 25 weeks pregnant

  • I'm just playing it by ear. I don't cosleep any more (DS is just a wiggly, loud sleeper and I can't even room share with him), and I have been away for a couple of nights for work when he was 18 months old. Kids adapt and survive. I expect him to be a

  • I tandem nursed my girls for 6 months before weaning DD1.  I also had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights because I was GBS+ and didn't have time for the antibiotics so they wanted to monitor DD2.  DD1 did great!  She was only 18 months

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  • I am in a very similar situation as you. I am also 25 weeks pregnant (26 on Thursday) and I am currently nursing my one year old. My supply has decreased a lot to, I made a post about it on this board not long ago and got a few replies with advice rega

  • I would just take it day-by-day and see what your toddler needs and what you need when baby comes. DS1 self-weaned three weeks before his brother arrived.  Personally, I was bummed and wanted him to nurse until at least 2, but heeding his wis

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