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2nd Trimester

Hip pain - numbness and burning?

Have anybody else dealt with hip numbness followed by a burning feeling? I only have it on my left side, but when I am laying down it will feel like it is burning so much and the next morning it is pretty sore if I touch it and still a bit numb. 
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Re: Hip pain - numbness and burning?

  • my right hip goes numb when I'm trying to go to sleep every night.  it doesn't matter if I lay on my left or right side it's always my right hip.  I just toss and turn and adjust until I find a position it doesn't do that in.  sometimes it
  • Try sleeping with a body pillow and propping your hip and belly up on it with the rest tucked between your knees. It's a bit awkward at first, but it's how I sleep and so far haven't had any pain.
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  • Have you tried a pillow between your legs? that stopped my thigh area going numb when I hit puberty. I can't remember if it burned after...
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  • I haven't had the burning but I have had the hip pain and numbness sometimes.  I know that it can start happening during the second trimester so I've just been dealing with the the best I can.  I always slept with a body pillow b/w my legs b/c o
  • yes, with that added pressure, nerves are starting to get pinched and circulation may be getting lessened in areas.  gentle stretching exercises or chiropractor seem to  help me. definitely not a fun feeling!
  • A sleeping pillow can help, but have you tried wearing comfortable shoes? Most of all try practicing good posture. I know it can be difficult due to the fact that you have someone growing inside of you, but if you practice it every day&nbsp
  • I have the same issue, it makes me toss and turn all night. I usually sleep on my left side, so it happens to my right hip. So I switch to my right side but it makes the burning worst. Have you found anything that makes it better?
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  • image MsHeather1106:
    I have the same issue, it makes me toss and turn all night. I usually sleep on my left side, so it happens to m
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  • I have the same thing!  For me, it is usually my right hip.  It is probably pregnancy induced sciatica.  As your uterus grows it can put pressure on the sciatic nerve in your back which can send pain down your buttocks and 1 or both legs

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