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Nausea sign of labor coming soon??

On Tuesday I found out I was 4cm dilated, 100% effaced and baby was at 0 station. Doc really wants me to make it to 36 weeks, which is Monday. I woke up this morning just not feeling right. My contractions are still not regular, but I do have them. I am just feeling nauseated. I really didnt have morning sickness either, so it's just unusual. Is this a sign that labor is around the corner? Should I call my doctor? I really don't want to have this baby before Monday if I can swing it.
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Re: Nausea sign of labor coming soon??

  • I don't think nausea by itself is an early indication of labor.  If that was my only symptom, I would just take TUMS and take it easy.  But, I'm no doctor, and if you are truly concerned, call.
  • It could mean your body is preparing for labor, but not necessarily.  Call your doctor if you're worried.

  • In our birthing class we were told to call if you had nausea/diarrhea with contractions. It could be an early sign.
  • I would call... Just cause you don't know what it could mean, and since your already at a higher risk of going into labor, better safe than sorry on this one.

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