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Susan...sending a message into the ether for Susan...

You out there, my friend?

Tell me again what your focus is, in your job? I may have a question for you. 

Re: Susan...sending a message into the ether for Susan...

  • Isn't it creepy how I'm always here? Don't answer that, Andrewsgal ;

    I'm a speech language pathologist plain and simple. My experience and interest is in pediatrics autism and related disorders, play development, executive functioning and
  • But generally speaking, I like all things little brain development that's what the professionals call it
  • Uh, I included punctuation that I can no longer see...
  • LOL. That's what I thought you did.

    I wondered if I could pick your brain about my youngest. He has some speech issues. He turned four in December. At his preschool conference, his teacher told me that she was a bit concerned, but that she couldn

  • I think he is a four year old boy and talking is complex....generally speaking.  

    How is his fine and gross motor development?  It sounds like you have diagnosed it pretty precisely.  He is a bit labored with articulation
  • Fine motor seems to be on track, certainly ahead of where his brother was at the same age. I think he's actually ahead in gross motor. He loves to rhyme, although this is a fairly recent thing with him. (For some reason it always comes back to the word

  • Your description of Clay all sounds wonderfully normal. Keep me posted, ok?

     DD's birthday is mid September, so she misses the cut off by two weeks.  She will be In three day preschool next year (turns 5 at the beginning if the year) an

  • Thanks so much for your input. My gut tells me he's fine and may just need a nudge from therapy to get him up to where he should be, but it's nice to hear that my description doesn't raise and huge red flags in your mind.

    Your DD has the perfect

  • This very boring conversation has over 400 views.

  • Did you say 400?? Lol. Why? I'm on my phone and can't see how many views. I feel we owe the viewers an apology.

    Thanks for sharing about your dad. It sounds like you are all in a pretty good place considering.

    Keep me updated
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