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Acid reflux HELP!

So I know that this is part of pregnancy and what not but that doesn't make it any more pleasant.  from what I've read online, if I don't want to have a constant burning esophagus I can eat veggies and some fruit.  This seems a little extreme.  Are there any foods you use to help calm acid or are safe to eat outside of greens?

Re: Acid reflux HELP!

  • I had sever heartburn pretty much from the moment I conceived.  I was on meds to control it and that helped a lot.  However, they weren't fool proof.  I should also depress you a bit and tell you that it hasn't resolved - it's better but

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  • I was having constant heartburn with this pregnancy, didn't think anything of it, because everytime i get pregnant i have always had heartburn. but two fridays ago I ended up vomiting up all my food, and then later on, alot of blood not even thinking w

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  • Not as healthy as greens but the thing that works best for me is actually hot chocolate!Smile
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