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leaving LO for the first timw need advice

My dad is paying for us to go on a cruise up the California coast in october and LO will be 13months. He will be staying with his grandma for time we are gone. I am trying to plan what we need to leave for him, list of dos donts but  a lot changes from 7 moths to 13. Any advice? Trying to get an idea of what a one year old eats plays with ? I know every baby is different but some idea would be great. Thank you mamas.

Re: leaving LO for the first timw need advice

  • Eat whatever you are eating for dinner.. some staples i tell people who watch my lo pasta pb and j, fruit, mixed veggies waffles eggo is easy for people food pouches are easy sbacks with good vit., quesadias with meat.
    Toys are not that important i
  • You'll need to leave a booster seat for meal times. At 13mo they drink whole milk from a sippy. My kid played with a ride on car a lot at that age. He still does, actually. You'll want to provide a few essential safety items, like outlet covers and a gate
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  • Try to make everything as close to home as possible.  The girls spend the night at my MILs once in a while and while they sleep in PNPs there and not cribs, we bring over their lovies and dream lights so they have those there.  I would also b

  • LO eats the same thing we do every night. I would send him with books, a lovey if he has one, maybe cars and balls and a stacker... push toy. He'll probably be on one longer nap rather than two at this point, hopefully sleeping through the night. &nb
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  • He will be drinking whole milk so you will need to pack sippy cups and make sure they have milk for him.  Food wise, by 13 months mine was eating mostly what we were eating.  I would also include his cereal if he is eating that, some pouches

  • Thanks ladies this is great advice! crazy to think he will be a toddler not a baby anymore :( time goes by to fast!
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