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Getting PG again?

I am feeling sort of down today so this is half vent half seeking advice.

DS is 16 months now, and a lot of moms that had babies right around that age are getting pregnant again. I go back and forth. Some days I feel like I would love another one right now, but other days I feel like I want DS to be a little older. DS is finally to the point where he can interact and play and I feel like I would miss out if we had another baby right now. For those of you that are FTMs when do you think you will have another? Is this feeling that I want to wait normal or should I be starting to think about #2? People tell me not to wait too long in between because they won't be close then.

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Re: Getting PG again?

  • My DDs are 11.5 months apart and I had those same fears after getting pregnant.
    I can say from experience that there is nothing that myself or my oldest daughter have missed out on from having another.

    It's actually really wonderful h
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  • Maybe part of my fear is that my first pregnancy was pretty rough. For the first months I had horrible morning sickness, and at the end I was having a ton of swelling and ended up having to deliver early because of preeclampsia. In between I was consumed
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  • DH & I will be TTC in September when DD is 19 months old. If we concieve as quickly as we did with DD, our children won't even be 2 1/2 year a part which is the spacing we were always going to aim for. We would have no trouble TTC now except the EDD i
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    BFP #2 9-7-13 EDD 5-22-14. It's a GIRL! DD#2 is on her way.
  • I firmly believe age doesn't determine whether your kids will be "close". Personality has a lot more to do with it. Don't feel pressured into having another baby!


  • We'll try for number 2 starting in the fall.  My daughter will be 2 in August.  I know we are in the minority in our group of friends, but we want a bigger age gap between ours.
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  • Ditto PPs that age has nothing to do with how close siblings will be once they are older. Maybe I can buy that argument for kids pre-10ish. Because they will be doing similar activities/etc, but as adults, age gaps mean very little.

    FWIW I'm clos

  • Not a FTM here, but I just wanted to give some insight. Our first three children are almost three years apart and there are about two years in between for our youngest kids. All of my children are close. They argue, they hug, they say mean things and
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  • If we choose to have another (which we may not do due to finances and infertility issues) then we want them to be about 3-4 years apart. That way DD is a little more independent and potty trained before a new little one is at home. My brother and I were 3
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    I have a lot of the same feelings.  I've always thought a 2ish age difference would be great.  Now that DD is here I'm not so sure I'm ready for a newborn again.  I had a great pregnancy, but the newborn stage was very hard for me. 

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    Also, I want time to enjoy just him.  And it took about a year for me to start feeling like I had everyth

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  • I have the same thoughts. I always thought I'd want them to be less than 2yrs apart because my brother and I are 18mo apart and were really close. However with the way DD is I feel like I would be more comfortable with a 3-4yr age gap. Having said that I
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  • I'm in the same boat. A lot of my friends are on their second babies(our firsts are all around the same age). As much as I'd love and welcome another child, I've been very busy with school and my Daughter. I'm taking a break after I get my AA in May to sp
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  • Well I think that you shouldn't have another baby because everyone else is doing it or you think a certain spacing guarantees a relationship.  If you wait another year in the grand scheme of things it isn't going to make a difference.


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  • DD just turned one last week and basically DH and I are just going with the flow and seeing what happens.  I'm still nursing so my cycle is kind of screwy now (had my first postpartum period 3 months ago then skipped a month, etc.)  but we aren'
  • Wait until you are ready, don't let people get in your head. No matter the age difference they will find something to say. Mine are 11 months apart and everyone keeps saying to me, "you must have your hands full!" My response is, "It's either now or late
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  • Do what feels right....that's my only advice. We started trying when my son was a little before 2....then I had a m/c and discovered I basically have premature ovarian failure....diminished ovarian reserve if you want to be nice. (I was 31 at the time)

  • We're thinking about TTC in the summer/fall, so they'll be about 3 years apart. It feels right to us. It took me a long time to even get to the point of thinking about the newborn stage with anything other than pure dread. But I finally got there a cou

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