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Spill the beans...

Just curious, but when are you planning on "spilling the beans"? I can't seem to keep quiet!

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  • I have told me mom and two friends.  I don't plan to really say anything super public (like Facebook) until after the heartbeat is confirmed.  But I won't have my first ultrasound until the 12 week NT scan.  
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  • I totally am on the same boat, I WANT to tell everyone, but I've always planned not to officially announce it until I'm in the 2nd trimester, which is when I'll make the "official" announcement. I've told 3 of my girl cousins who are also pregnant, along
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  • We've told my sisterinlaw and my dad and stepmom, and we told them they could share with a couple of family members who were visiting... But we're waiting until July to announce is publicly
  • We've told our parents and my best friend <3  everyone else we will wait just a bit.
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  • My husband and my parents know. But we plan on keeping a lid on it until a little after 12 weeks and a good early u/s at that time. We had told everyone at 10 weeks because I was sure things would be fine, then we had to tell everyone about our loss. T

  • H and I have each told our best friend. I've told my grandma. I'll tell my mom on Thursday when I see her. I'll tell the rest of my family around 10 weeks after we hear the heartbeat and the rest of the world shortly after that.
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