Trying to Get Pregnant

trying to get pregnant. off nuvaring. hot flashes. skipped periods.

Hi ladies.

I'm so lost. I feel alone with what's going on. I'm 28 years old.

Jan 2012, I lost a baby at 7 weeks. I was pretty depressed and wasn't ready to get pregnant anytime soon. So, i went on nuvaring in February. By summer my emotions were a roller coaster and crying all the time.
My husband and I decided it would be best i go off of it. This was end of July 2012.

We decided to try again for a baby.
Well I knew it would take a while to get back on track with my period.
From July 2012, my period came this far apart 35, 24, 48, 54, 12, 21 and now I'm on 46 days and waiting for my next period. Its now April 2013. There is still no consistency and I'm not pregnant.

Plus on top of things, 2 months ago i started getting hot flashes bad. My body upper part heats up and i sweat. Its horrible. Then to top it off, i am now waking up several times a night. I NEVER do that. Everyone jokes how i sleep like the dead cuz nothing can wake me. This has been 3 weeks now. Plus, i have been so irritable on everything. I feel like I'm going crazy with all this.

I talked with my family and there is no female reproductive problems at all in our health line. I am waiting for my period to come, because on the third day my doctor has some hormone tests for me to take.

I have looked at alot of forums online and i can't find anyone who has anything similar to this.

So, I'm putting my story out there in case you or someone you know has gone through this and what came from it???
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