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Walking Dead!!! (spoilers)

Seriously no post yet?

What did you think of the finale? I almost feel bad for being happy Andrea is gone.... but she had like 30 mins to get  out and was more interested in talking

Re: Walking Dead!!! (spoilers)

  • She was very very annoying but it was still very sad to see her go!! Why didn't the governor die?? I figured he was done this season! Ugh I can't believe we have to wait until October. I've read all the comics so I thought I knew what was going to happen
  • I know right! If I was in that situation I would have told Milton to STFU and get my butt in gear. I kinda wanted to see zombie Andrea though haha. 
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  • imagelindsayhilleary:
    Holy crap it was good! I'm not a huge Andrea fan, but I was sad when she shot herself. I can't believe the Go
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  • I was disappointed by the finale!!!! The only good thing that came out of the episode was that Andrea died!!!' it was her time anyway...I guess I thought the fight between the prison and the Gov was going to be more intense and it was so quick and weak :/
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  • imagekrptcmschfmkr128:

    This episode was all bark and no bite. I mean WTH. How did Martinez and the other dude NOT kill the Gov afte

  • I think the episode as a whole was really good and quite intense, I was just disappointed that they made the whole ending basically about Andrea. I was also expecting the governor to die, but like pp said, that would have been way too predictable, so I c
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  • I was happy with Andrea's death and not so happy that the gov is still alive. I am also not so happy that October is so far away =(

    Think I'm going to try to get my hands on the comic to read up on while we wait.



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