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Ready to leave my lurking days behind!

Howdy Ladies-

I have been a lurker for quite a few months now. As of this week my DH & I are officially joining the ranks of TTC! I have already learned so much from this board, I'm excited to start joining in on some conversations. 

I am 28 and my DH is 35. We were just married in January but have had serious talks about starting a family from the moment we started dating. We are super excited (and just a little nervous!) to get this ball rolling. We have many friends who have had some difficulty getting pregnant so we know this may take some time, but I am cautiously optimistic. 

I took my Nuva Ring out the first day of our honeymoon, 10 weeks ago. I have read TCOYF, went through all the FF tutorials and have been charting since going off BC. My first cycle I was a little freaked out because my Luteal Phase was only 9 days. I chalked it up to post BC issues and it does seem to be getting longer. 

I'm excited to start sharing this journey with y'all. We aren't telling anyone we are trying, so I'm sure I'll be turning here for lots of support. Hope this wasn't too much info for an intro post! 

Re: Ready to leave my lurking days behind!

  • Welcome!

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    Lap & hysteroscopy scheduled for 10/31, right tube cleared, no endo found! ...Happy Halloween!
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  • Best of luck.


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  • Sounds like you're very ready to get started. Welcome!
    TTC #1 since August 2012 |  BFP August 17th, 2013  |    EDD April 25th, 2014
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  • Welcome to the board! GL! =]
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  • Welcome! Seems like you're on the right track with tracking your cycles. Are you temping? Good luck!

  • Hi and welcome! :-)
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  • MigggMiggg
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    Welcome! You sound about 42% more prepared than I. 
    And ditto this except
  • Hi, and welcome!

    It is rather refreshing having someone intelligent for a newbie!  Stick around to play!

    FTR--- My first LP post IUD was 9 days.  They seem to becoming increasingly longer.   
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  • Welcome and GL!

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    Welcome and good luck. 
  • Welcome and good luck!
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  • Welcome. FX your stay here on TTGP is short and sweet!

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    July 2015 - Clomid + #1 IUI = BFN
    September 2015 - Clomid + #2 IUI = CP
    October 2015 - Letrozole (5 follies - yay!) + #3 IUI = BFN
    November 2015 - CP
    December 2015 - CP
    February 2016 - Letrozole + #4 IUI = CP
    April 2016 - CP
    May/June 2016 - IVF #1 and IUI #5 (Estrace + Follistim + micro-hCG + HGH) = BFN

    Struggled to conceive #1 2012-2013
    Me: Chronic Pain Condition since 2009, DH: Slightly Abnormal SA
    Clomid #1: March 2013 - BFN; Clomid + IUI: May 2013 CXL; BFP on 4/22/13 = Baby Boy #1 1/1/14

  • Welcome! Newbie here as well!

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  • I am temping. It was going really well, until we decided to get a new puppy! All of a sudden getting uninterrupted sleep, and waking at the same time every morning has become a little trickier! I have lots of open circles this month, but I think
  • image ChuggingWater:
    Hi, and welcome!

    It is rather refreshing having someone intelligent for a newbie!  Stick around to
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