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How do you know?

I see a lot of posts from you mamas who know the position of your baby.  How do you know this?  Are you guessing?  Are you having ultrasounds every week?  Can your doctor tell somehow?

I have absolutely no clue how this baby is positioned.  I haven't had an ultrasound since the anatomy scan at 18 1/2 weeks.  If I feel my belly there are hard parts in different places every day, so I can't tell if it's a rump or a head or a foot.

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Re: How do you know?

  • My little guy hasn't moved position in a really long time. I am also a pretty small person so its easy to feel his butt and back across my stomach :) It was the same with my first DS. 

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    Its a healthy girl!!!!! 
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  • I had a 3D ultrasound at 31 weeks.  All the movement I've felt has stayed pretty much in the same area. And, the baby's heartbeat has stayed in the same region too. 
  • I had a growth u/s this weekend at 33 weeks and that's when I was told baby is head down.

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  • I know from weekly ultrasounds.

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  • Weekly US, NSTs, my MW palpating, and my own feel of what's what.

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  • The doctor touches and feels and then tells me.
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  • Hiccups are low and the doc said she is head down. Plus I can feel all her limbs on my left side and a little booty on the right.
  • Your Dr can tell by feeling. My LO is head down and kinda off to the right side. I had no idea until my last appt and once my MW told me, I could totally tell and now I'm pretty sure I would know if it changed positions. I don't have any more ultra sounds
  • Ultrasounds here (we get one at every appointment- my doctor just likes to do them!). But also, he can feel the positon just by feeling around externally.
    She is here! 5-29-13


  • My MW told me. She's been routinely checking baby's position externally and fundal height and she notes whether she feels the baby move as well.

    We spent weeks talking to what was essentially her bum not her head. Tbh I still can't tell eve

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  • I have a weekly ultrasound, but the doctor usually knows from feeling. Also, when they start cervical checks they can feel the head down there sometimes.
  • I felt hiccups low, like her shoulders were down. Then I got my doppler out and found the heartbeat well below my belly button. So, I am pretty sure my LO has finally turned into a vertex position.

  • My MW felt my belly and told me.  Also, there is a very clear foot on my left side and a ball on my right (butt) and what feels like a boulder down above my pelvis (head).  So I guessed and she confirmed.  But the foot I can definitely feel
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  • My dr goes by feel. I've tried myself but I can't usually differentiate between the head and bum
  • Midwife told me. Otherwise I would have no clue!

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  • I have two u/s a week to monitor baby's health so that is how I know for sure but I can tell in a change in pressure on my vagina/cervix when baby was still flipping between head down and head up.
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