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Has anyone had any bleeding? I called my doctor today, and they said to come in tomorrow to check my blood. I'm so nervous! This is my first pregnancy, and I'm trying to stay positive. Anyone have this before?

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  • Yes slight bleeding for 2 days. I had to have two betas drawn also. My labs were great. Goodluck and try not to worry.
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  • That makes me feel better! I'm getting it done tomorrow and probably Wednesday too. Hoping that my numbers continue to go up this week! It's so early and my first pregnancy after ttc for 9 months. Trying to not worry, it's hard.
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  • Let us know how it goes for you! Try to get some rest.
  • Think positive ! Keep us posted. 
  • Lots of luck with your bloodwork.  Keep us posted.


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  • Rest if you can, best wishes!
  • I had a miscarriage. Really sad today
  • imageAlliezsiga:
    I had a miscarriage. Really sad today

    I'm so sorry.
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