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hyperemesis? :(

Hello all from the hospital. I have been checked in for dehydration due to the fact that I have been unable to keep anything, solids and liquids alike, down for days.

I am hooked up to a bunch of nonsense and my husband only just finally brought my computer.

My doctor is saying I may very well have hyperemesis, though I think it is still to early to say so and my OB agrees with me. Though I have been throwing up a lot, my OB says dehydration is only one symptom and he would wait about a week to see if i have any significant weight loss. My PCP doesn't think it is necessary to wait. Eh, they cannot agree.

In any case, I have some anti-nausea medication running through my veins and I feel just terrible! :P

I just wish I could eat and keep something down for once... I am so hungry but the end result is so not worth it. *sigh*

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Re: hyperemesis? :(

  • :( that sucks! I hope you get some meds that help soon! hugs
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  • Thanks! They gave me some medicine for the nausea but it only works for so long before I am sick again.
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  • Zofran has been my life-saver!!   I am still taking it at 23 weeks (although down to one pill a day instead of 3-4 a day).  

    Hope the fluids & drugs make you feel better!  On the worst days, I was always able to at le

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  • I'm sorry you're in the hospital but happy if it means they will get you something soon to feel better.  Doesn't matter what they call it and as long as they fix it.  Hope things are better soon.  
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  • Yikes! I hope you're feeling better soon.

    Can you ask for a Zofran pump when you're discharged?

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  • I hope that they can find a medication that will work for you and the IV fluids make you feel better.

    I had three days of constant vomiting earlier in my pg, but cannot imagine dealing with true hyperemesis.


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  • pnutgpnutg member
    I had HG during my last pregnancy and the nausea meds never did much for me either. I'm so sorry you're going through this.
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  • Boo!  I hope you're able to keep something down soon! :(

    Feel better! *hugs* 

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  • Thank you for all the kind thoughts ladies. I am still here but I did try eating last night to no avail. Hopefully I can get out of here soon and I do plan to ask about the Zofran.

     ashleyross: i just cannot stay well! It sucks but in 7 more

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