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TTC After Birth Control!

Hello, everyone! New to the forum!
The last pill I took after about 10 years! was on December 7th, 2012. I had my LAST period since stopping less than a week later on December 12th, 2012. I haven't even had another period! Very frustrating and misleading when you're TTC! Anybody have any similar situations? Or words of wisdom, and advice? Thank you, and hey, Happy Easter!!!!

Re: TTC After Birth Control!

  • Anybody have any similar situations? Yes.

    Or words of wisdom, and advice? When AF finally shows, I suggest charting/temping.  Many of us here use Fertility Friend.

    Thank you, and hey, Happy Easter!&nbs


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  • you haven't had AF since december? i would talk to your doctor about that.

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  • Thank you! I've still made an attempt at charting, even though its been futile. Haha. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try downloading it!
    As for the AF dilemma, I have spoken to a doctor. I guess it can take a few months to get back on track? It doe
  • I totally understand the long cycle frustration.  I suggest seeing a dr since it's been so long since AF.  Check out Fertility Friend to chart your cycles and the newbie link for a lot of great info that can point you in the right direction:&nbs
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  • Thank you ladies for your advice. Reading really helps. I had a very inconsistent cycle before I started taking BCP, which was initially why I had started taking them! Bummer now.
  • I think I'll try and make one for next week! Thank you guys so much!
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