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Anyone else?

Within the past week or so I just feel awful!  I am extremely tired and uncomfortable but the WORST part is no matter what I eat I feel so nauseous!  I'm pretty sure if I ate an ice cube I would feel awful!  Oh and the heat flashes are at an all time high! LO doing cart wheels in my stomach doesn't help with this at all!  SORRY vent over!
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Re: Anyone else?

  • I have noticed this as well, I am glad I am not the only one.    I am always hot, I about froze my husband out of the house one day.   I find if I eat much at all I am nautious,  I am not tired all the time but there are time
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  • Nauseous and constant reflux a horrible mix!!! I keep telling myself four more weeks. I feel your pain.
  • I can't tell how far along you are because I'm mobile... But it gets worse until the baby gets here! Sorry to bare bad news but it doesn't get easier.
    Just put your feet up or get a massage... Best thing you can do at this point!
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