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black city mini?

I am ordering a city mini GT and am worried about ordering the black one.  I love the black city mini but am concerned that it will get too hot in the sun.  I cannot find a decent review on this concern which leads me to believe that my fears are probably unfounded.  I am a stay at home mom so the stroller will mostly be used for walking during the day with the dog, trips to the shore, vacations, etc.  I live on the east coast where summers are pretty hot and humid in general. Does anyone have an all black city mini?  What is your experience with the heat and how hot the stroller gets?

Re: black city mini?

  • We are in NC and I've found that black baby equipment doesn't get any more or less hot than any other color.  You just have to be smart.  I've purchased all black as well for this LO and I have a clip on/battery operated fan to attach. I will al
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  • I was concerned about the same thing, so we decided to go with the red. 

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  • I have the black city mini and haven't had any problems with it being any hotter than another color. I live in NY and the summers are hot and humid and I use a clip on fan. I also took it to Disney in December and had no issues.
  • I ordered the sand one and love the colour! I'm hoping it will hide the dirt. I think black should be fine though. Most strollers come in darker colours and I've never heard of babies over heating from this
  • I have the black double city mini GT and love it.  It is no different in temp than my orange city mini single that I hate.  Great stroller, just not an orange girl plus it shows dirt.  Black GT actually has mostly grey canopy which is ni

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