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Just found out!

Happy Easter, all!

My husband and I just found out on Good Friday that we are expecting for the first time! It only took 9 tests to convince us! Our first doctor's appointment isn't until May, so it'll be torture until then, but we are so excited! I haven't experienced one. single. symptom. yet...I'm grateful, but am kind of hoping something kicks in soon to make me feel at ease! 

 When did you first start experiencing symptoms, and what were they? 

Re: Just found out!

  • Welcome and congrats!! I haven't had too many symptoms yet, just more tired and peeing...a LOT. But that's about it.
  • i actually had a lot of implantation cramping, which is what convinced me to test in the first place. but i didn't start getting tired or peeing nonstop until a day or two ago. so almost to 4 weeks. oh yeah, and my boobs. OH my poor boobs. :( *pets boo

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  • Welcome and Congratulations!!

    I tested because we had a test left over from my last pregnancy. It was driving me crazy seeing it sitting there.. so I had to pee on it.... wasn't expecting 2 solid pink lines so I got more because I couldn't b
  • Welcome, and congratulations.  My only symptoms have been fatigue, and that just started that last two days, and spontaneous waves of nausea.  Symptoms cannot tell you much since they are different women to women and pregnancy to pregnancy.</

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  • Happy Easter and congratulations! We just found out this week as well and so far the lovely symptoms haven't kicked in. The biggest thing for me has been sore boobs and I had some cramping. This will be my second and I don't think my nausea was in full sw
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  • Hey, welcome and congrats!

    I had a few symptoms, that's why I tested (very sore boobs, tired and weird twinges low in my belly) but I don't think it's abnormal to have none, it's early. 

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  • Welcome and Congrats
  • Thank you, thank you!

    We are due on December 7th, so it is definitely early. Maybe I'll just assume no news is good news until we hear otherwise.  

  • Well, as in disbelief as we were when it began...

    Yesterday I started to experience cramping that was stronger than my normal menstrual cramps. Today, along with the cramping, is a somewhat heavy flow of bright red blood.  Our doctor thinks

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