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Anyone with boys: mmr varicella

Did you get them as recommended at the same time at 12 months and your son is perfectly healthy with no signs of regression? We go in tomorrow morning and I'm so nervous but hubby is pro vax and does not want to mess with splitting or delaying as he had an issue a couple of months ago with vax we split. Just looking for peace of mind...but be honest : Happy Easter!

Re: Anyone with boys: mmr varicella

  • Ds gets all his vaccines on time, and the worst reaction we have had is a slight fever a day after his 15 month shots.
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  • My DS has also had all of his vaccinations on schedule and has not had any negative reactions.
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  • Ds had his shots on schedule and never had a reaction.  I think there were a few times where he was tired after them and maybe once he had a fever.
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  • DS has had all of his vaccines on schedule without any problem other than a fever for a day and being a little grumpy.  Happy Easter!
  • DS gets all vaccines on schedule and has shown lots of growth, especially verbally since then. No signs of regression here.
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  • There has been no scientific evidence to show vaccines cause a development regression or autism. My DS has had all of his vaccines on time and yes he regressed at 15 months. But it is because he is autistic and has shown signs of autism since a very yo

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  • We get ours based on our pedis recommended schedule. The only reaction we've had was a rash and low grade fever after the varicella vaccine.
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  • We split up vaccines because DS had a reaction to DTAP at 6mo. However, our pedi recommended we get both the MMR and varicella at the same time due to the studies that show they are more effective when given at the same time. Besides the typical fever and

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    We split ours. Not due to Autism concerns (that has been debunked), but I just don't see the point in blasting a child's immune system.

    The only reaction was Varicella left him with a nasty, red, welt for up to a week later.

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  • We've had all of our vaccines on schedule, and have had no adverse reaction (aside from a little tenderness at the injection site) and have not had any regression.  He is progressing normally.

  • We've done all our shots on schedule and haven't had any regression.  Sometimes he gets a low-grade fever the next day as a reaction, but it's not for very long.
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