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Easter Plans

Happy Easter! What does everyone have planned for today? Is anyone planning on telling their families today? I unfortunately have to work. The last day of the month is a busy day at work and our office is closed but I was offered double time to come in and with a baby on the way I just couldn't pass that up.

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  • We will be having dinner with the family an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. We have already told our families.
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  • Went to sunrise service. Fianc and I are going to my parents for lunch/dinner. My mom knew I was late and that I was suspicious of possible pregnancy, so I'm anticipating shell ask. I'll let them know today, since it will just be the four of us.

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  • We are with my in laws who only live about 45 minutes away. We went to church this morning and now hanging out at the their house until lunch at 1. I wasn't sure if we were going to tell them or not, but as I was typing this DH just blurted out the news.
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  • We saw my family last night and are seeing H's today. We will not be telling anyone the news, but I saw my parents several times this week, and they asked why I kept having water instead of Diet Coke, and then noticed when I didn't get soft cheese on my s
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  • Happy Easter! We went to church yesterday and are having my mom and my best friend over for Easter lunch. It's raining so it's an inside day. We've already told everyone that we are going to tell prior to 12 weeks pretty much. So if they don't know by now
  • Happy Easter Everyone !!!! 


    Our families already know the special news :) 

  • I told DH today!!!::: he's thrilled, we are thinking about waiting to tell families until after we see the heartbeat, enjoy the secret for a while:
  • Happy Easter! We went to church this morning and then broke the news at lunch with the family. My two year old son had a shirt that said, "only child expiring." My 16 yr old niece had the best response of all. She was completely emotional and so excited,
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  • Happy Easter all :)  We told our parents today <3  They were sooooo excited. We had lunch with them.  Then we spent a few hours with friends and their kiddo. Great day!
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  • Told my family today! My mom and her bff are just beyond thrilled. And then we had a wonderful Easter dinner, followed by a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, and now we're just wasting time until Game of Thrones premieres tonight :D
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