Trying to Get Pregnant

::: Waiting to O::::

Happy Easter everyone!

Cycle/ Month:


What are you doing?:

Thoughts? vents? Frustrations?

GTKY: What' kind of car do you drive? (If you have one): 


DS #1 born 12.3.13
BFP #2 09.21.14 EDD: 06.06.15

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Re: ::: Waiting to O::::

  • imagepenelopemaria:

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Cycle/ Month: 2/3

    CD: 12

    What are you doing?: CBEFM,Pom, EPO, temping,


    DS #1 born 12.3.13
    BFP #2 09.21.14 EDD: 06.06.15

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  • Happy Easter as I am waiting for the coffee to brew.

    Cycle/ Month:11/10


    What are you doing?:Chlomid, trigger and IUI

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Just crossing fingers that the meds g

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    My Ovulation Chart
    **All AL Welcome**
    TTC since July 2012 Me(42): normal HSG low progesterone 2.5 and TSH 13.9 DH(41): normal SA
    • 10 cycles no meds, July 2012 -March 2013: BFN
    • Cycle 11 - Chlomid and IUI April 6, 2013 BFN
    • Cycle 12 Chlomid but canceled IUI so only TI BFN
    • Cycle 13 - On break from meds - suprise BFP - ended in CP June 11, 2013
    • Cycle 14 - TTA BFN
    • Cycle 15 - 17 - Break from meds and doctor, trying on own BFN
    • Cycle 18 Chlomid and TI BFN
    • Cycle 19 BFN ...  onto Cycle 20
    • .........
    • Cycle I have no fricken clue anymore but still BFN
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  • Cycle/ Month:8/7

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  • Cycle/ Month: 3/2

    CD: 6

    What are you doing?: charting/temping/PNV's

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? DH and I couldn't decide what time to leave my grandparents' this morning and he ended up winning. It means that I
  • Cycle/ Month: 3

    CD: 21

    What are you doing?: OPKs, sex ED now that I've had a positive OPK, PNVs, temping, charting, more H2O, checking CM.

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Just waiting very impatiently to O. I think t
    photo 3b8889a2-29d1-4e36-a8c8-89262b6154a2_zps44ee5850.png
  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Cycle/ Month: 4

    CD: 5

    What are you doing?: right now, just waiting for AF to go away. Ill start OPKs soon.

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Nada.

    GTKY: What' kind of
  • Cycle/ Month: 14

    CD: 4

    What are you doing?: waiting for af to get done with her bad self.

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? If it takes us very much longer to get bfp, i May just give up on this ttc process altogether. 

    GTKY: What' k


    Jacob & Audra - married since 05.28.11
    Emma Kate - born 10.16.03 @ 29 weeks, weighed 1lb 13oz and 13.5" long.
    Ozzy Joseph - born 11.01.13 @ 31 weeks, weighed 3lbs 7oz and 16" long.
    TTC #3

  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Wouldn't you know, I get to post in both today. I was 10 I'm cd1. Wtf.

    Cycle/ Month: 3 post CP

    CD: 1. Happy freaking Easter...oh, and happy birthday to DH.

    What are you


  • Happy Easter!

    Cycle/ Month: 10/9

    CD: 7

    What are you doing?: Temping,

    ******************************************** siggy warning ******************************************

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    Married July 2011 * TTC #1 since 8/12 * Me: 29 DH: 29
    21 Cycles TI: BFNs
    DX: Stage 2 Endo, uterine polyps and paratubal cysts removed
    2/14: IVF #1 Lupron Protocol = 12R/10M/9F, no frosties; transferred one 3BB blast = BFN
    4/14: IVF #2 Antagonist Protocol = 18R/16M/15F/6 frosties; transferred one 4BB blast = BFP!!
    Beta #1 (5/12) = 232 Beta #2 (5/16) = 886 Beta #3 (5/20) = 3168
    EDD 1/18/15 It's a BOY 

    ~~~~~~ All Are Welcome ~~~~~~

  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Cycle/ Month: 3/4

    CD: 20

    What are you doing?: the usual. Charting, pnvs, opks.

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Not really....totally thought I was going to O ar
    Cooper & Melody.     My Rescues <3

  • Cycle/ Month: 4/6

    CD: 7

    What are you doing?: AF is finally done! Temping/charting, sex EOD, and opks.

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Just glad AF is gone and looking forward to spending a nice Easter with my family

    image       imageimageimageimageimageimage
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  • Cycle/ Month: 2/2

    CD: 3

    What are you doing?: temps, pnv's, sex

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? too early in my cycle for that yet.

    GTKY: What' kind of car do you drive? (If you have one): My husband has a Chrysler.  I d

    Daughter #1 - February 12, 2010 

    natural m/c March 11, 2011 at 8 1/2 weeks 

    Daughter #2 - January 11, 2012 

    Ectopic pregnancy discovered November 6, 2012 at 6 weeks

    Daughter #3 - January 19, 2014

    Started our exploration into the world of international adoption June 2012.  We have no idea what this is going to look like but we are excited to find out!

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  • KRMcDKRMcD member

    Cycle/ Month: 0/0 (Well, maybe 1/1, we did not TTA the past two mornings so I'm thinking I should switch the numbers)

    CD: 19

    What are you doing?: opk, cm, temp

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? I am frustrated that I haven't

  • Happy Easter!

    Cycle/ Month: 3/3

    CD: 8

    What are you doing?: HIO, PNV, more water

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Nope, just waiting on O time. 

    GTKY: What' kind of car do

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    BFP 3.8.16  EDD 11.20.16


  • 2Dash2Dash member

    Cycle/ Month: 4/4 (will be 5 months tomorrow)

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  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Cycle/ Mo

  • imagepenelopemaria:

    Cycle/ Month: TTC since June 2011

    CD: 3


    Mr. & Mrs. - Est. 10.03.2009

    TTC #1 since 06.2011 Me-24 DH-24

    12.2011 SA = Normal

    06.2012 First visit with OB/GYN

    10.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    11.2012 Clomid 50mg + TI = BFN

    12.2012 Clomid 100mg + TI = BFN

    01.2013 First visit with RE

    02.2013 Clomid 150mg + TI = BFN

    03.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    05.2013 Femara 5mg + TI = BFN

    06.2013 Femara 7.5mg + TI = BFN

    *Taking a break*  

  • Cycle/ Month: 2/2

    CD: 22

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  • imagepenelopemaria:

    Happy Easter everyone!


    What are you doing?: Had an awesome time at church with the family, the

  • Cycle/ Month: 16/16

    CD: 12

    What are you doing?: Temping, charting, OPKs, preseed, etc

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? Nope, not really

    GTKY: What' kind of car do yo

    Dating: Jul.2003 | Married: Jul.2006
    BFP: Dec.2007 | DD: Aug.2008
    TTC #2: Dec.2011 | Done?: Aug.2013
  • Happy Easter everyone!

    Cycle/ Month: 8

    CD: 11

    What are you doing?: temping, sex, opks

    Thoughts? vents? Frustrations? I am so full from easter dinner and I am not wanting to work tomorrow!

    GTKY: What' kind of car do you dri

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