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Ready for baby #3!

Hello! I got a real shock this weekend when I got a + HPT.. We weren't trying but I always secretly wanted a third and hoped it would happen this way :-) I'm a SAHM to a 9 yr old daughter and 7 year old son. Sort of feel like I am starting over but very excited to do so! A little nervous about the extra testing I will probably have to get because of my age (38) and looking forward to hearing from others in the same situation as our pregnancies progress... Looks like an EDD of 12/7 for me! Good luck to everyone in the 12/13 group! Michelle

Re: Ready for baby #3!

  • Congrats and Welcome!
  • Welcome and congratulations!!
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  • Congrats! That's awesome! Your older two are going to be the best helpers...I'm jealous! :

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  • Congrats!  This will make three for us to, we each had a child prior to meeting and my fianc? had his vasectomy reversed so we could have one last baby together :)  I bet your kids are going to be so excited!
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  • Congrats!! Baby number 3 for us too. My oldest DS is 7 also. You will definitely have some little helpers
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  • Congrats! My EDD is 12/4, but my birthday is 12/7. It's a great day!
  • Congrats on baby # 3 !!!!!
  • What a great surprise!  Congrats on number 3.


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    I just found out today I'm pregnant with baby no.3 also I'm excited but really nervous! Three kids sounds like a lot!!!
  • Congrats! Expecting my third as well. My boys will be 6.5 and almost 5 when this one arrives, hoping for some helpers as well!!
  • Welcome, congrats!
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