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Trying to Get Pregnant

I'm new and I don't speak the lingo

Can someone please tell me what all these abbreviations mean? Or perhaps point me in the direction of a link?! I'm new. Taking my prenatals and quitting caffeine for a few months before we TTC to avoid a Christmas babybudget. And I want to read all these boards and know what they're saying! Lol! My name is Becca, I'm 27, and ready to be a mommy!

Re: I'm new and I don't speak the lingo

  • There is a newbie link at the top of the board and if I remember correctly there is a list of abbreviations on there too somewhere. Gl!
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  • Sort your posts by last post date. That should put a sticky tab as one of the top threads for newbie information and the TTGP blog of helpful info.

    I'm mobile right now and can't make a clicky link for you.

    Welcome and good luck

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  • Welcome, there is a dictionary on the side of the page almost all the way down on the left.  If you are mobile bumping, you can't use it however.

    There is also a newbie link above.

    Hope this helps!!! 


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  • Welcome and Good Luck!
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