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My baby is exclusively breastfeed and two times now he has spit up and started coughing.  It seems like he's choking. His neck bulges out. It scares the crap out of me.  Both times, I sat him up and patted his back to get everything out. 

Anyone else?  Any advice?  I'm a FTM and in tears.  I'm scared to sleep now.
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  • This happens to my daughter fairly often. It scared me pretty bad the first couple times it happened. Now she has been able to cough through it on her own. At first I had to pat her back for her to clear it out. It seems to happen more when she is falling
  • Both my kids have reflux, so it's a daily thing here.  Scary for sure, but common.  Hold her upright for awhile after eating.  They outgrow it for the most part by a year old.

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  • DS1 never did this, but DS2 does.  It isn't daily, but pretty frequently.  I mentioned it to the pediatrician at his 2 week check up and he said that he is just getting too much milk too fast.  
  • This happens to DD often, it happens because my letdown is too strong. I pat her back, hug her and put her back to the breast. It doesn't actually bother her much past the immediate moment.

  • I try nursing leaning back in a reclined chair or in bed with pillows because of the fast letdown of milk.
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  • This happens to us all the time. It's no biggie and certainly nothing to cry about. Its scary at first, but it's quite common.
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  • DD does this too and is always able to recover.   Is this while you're feeding?  You might have an overactive letdown.  Check your breast when it happens - he might be getting "sprayed" too much.
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