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pumping sched?

Hi moms! Im a first time mom and pretty lost when it comes to pumping my breast milk. My son just turned a month old and I was strictly breastfeeding up til now. I am going back to work in a month or so I'd like to get him accustomed now to a bottle and other people feeding him when we aren't together.. How often should I pump, and about how much should I pump each time? Im planning on freezing my milk in bulk for my relatives to use when I'm back to work

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  • I think the general rule is that you should pump as often as he's eating...so if he's eating every 2-3 hours, you should pump that often. Not sure how much you'll get each time though - again, depends on what he's eating. Good luck!

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  • We just started giving our son a bottle a couple of nights ago and he's a month old. I have been pumping in the morning after his first feeding and I have been getting 3 to 4 ounces out of each boob. I also pump later in the evening when my husband is fee
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