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Due date?

I am measuring two weeks ahead of my due date and my lmp is the same as what I am measuring but hospital scan showed me to be 2 week less. Has this happened anyone else? Baby is also measuring 2 weeks ahead at 32 week growth scan.. Hospital won't go by my lmp because I was on the pill?

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  • Um, what?

  • 2 weeks either way really doesn't make a hug difference. Few babies are actually born on their due dates. My date based on lmp is a week ahead of my ultrasound due date and last week I measured a week behind. I'm not worried because babies o their own thi
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  • When was your "hospital scan" done?  If that was an early ultrasound (before 20ish weeks), I would trust that as being more accurate.  My experience with growth ultrasounds and measuring is that they can be way off, and not reflect an error in d
  • I measured 2 weeks ahead at my last growth u/s 9 weeks ago.  I haven't had one since.  I am measuring big at the OBs office, but he isn't concerned either.  Early u/s are the most accurate, so they are still sticking with that due date

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  • I've been told that my due date could actually be two weeks ahead of where I am (May 15 instead of May 29), because I've consistently measured two weeks ahead on every ultrasound, and now every fundal height measurement. My OB said either my dating was

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  • I'm exactly the same. Based on my LMP I'm 2 weeks farther along, and I have been measuring ahead lately. I'm not too worried about it, though, because my doctor is inducing around 38 weeks for other reasons, so I feel like it will all work out in the end.
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  • I thought that's how they give you a edd was by your last period. Unless they gave you and ultra sound at 89 weeks to figure it out.

  • Midwife won't go by my lmp because she said I would have had to been off the pill 3 months for them to go by that.. I know the 1st ultrasound is the most accurate as she explained there's a big difference between foetuses at an early age but just find it
  • Ya that's what midwife said just thought it was strange that by my dates and fundal height were two weeks ahead
  • Exactly everything happens when it's ready just thought it was strange the way fundal height is two weeks ahead and going by lmp I'm two weeks ahead
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