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Panic attack feeling

I keep getting this out of breath feeling. I could be sitting down resting or lying in bed and just feel so uncomfortable as if my stomach is being stretched so much I can't breath! Tried breathing exercises doesn't help either. Anyone else feeling this?

Re: Panic attack feeling

  • Yes I get this alot! MY doctor said its totally normal because of all the extra blood in your system for your heart to race. And for some reason that makes it harder to breath. I also get this while having intense contractions.. according to my Doc als

  • OMG, I am having them too!! I hate it.
  • Omg that's what that is.. I've been having this for a while. It only lasts about a min I never brought it up to my doctor since it was so constant I just thought it was a pregnancy thing.
  • Yes that sounds right about the lying on something like an artery as I've found the last two days if you get up and move around and just change positions it tends to ease off. Very uncomfortable thing though, I'm hoping it goes away when the baby drops ma
  • Heh, I was having that feeling just as I read this post.  It's been happening to me for a while, and I'm glad to know it's not just me and it's not my imagination!
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