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Chronic High Blood Pressure

So I have had chronic HPB since I was 20ish...went for my 32/33 week drs appointment this past Thurs and found out that starting April 9th I am going to have weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests. This was a shock to me only because this had never been talked about before. My blood pressure has been fine to date and as far as I know there has not been any protien in my urine so I am just wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat and what to expect for the non stress tests. Those have to be done at the hospital and I am not really sure how long they take or what exactly they are looking at. Happy that they are being pro active but just not sure what I am in for...

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  • I have had high BP since pregnancy- NSTs are no big deal and are actually kind of fun :) You get to listen to your baby for like 20-30 minutes and they just listen to make sure baby is nice and active, (on the print out sheet there will be two sets of inf
  • Thanks!! That does help!!! I must say I am pretty excited to be able to see the LO once a week from here on out :)
  • Same story here.  I'm having NST twice a week and right now just monthly ultrasounds.  Thank goodness though because we're about to go broke!  At our hospital they just set you up in a recliner with the monitors and you watch TV for about 2
  • The monitoring is because bp drugs can cause iugr and placental failure, as I understand it.

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