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Thyroid or MTHFR mamas?

Just wondering if we have any mamas who are being monitored for thyroid and what your TSH numbers were or are looking like? I finally got mine from 5 to 2 after 8 weeks!!! I am 29 and very thin so they didnt suspect it and ive suffered 2 losses since 2009 hopefully due to that. Also found out I am compound heterozygous for MTHFR but hoping the folic acid/folate increase is taking care of that! Best wishes to you all!

Re: Thyroid or MTHFR mamas?

  • I had my thyroid out July 2012 , I was hyperthyroid ( over active )  My TSH numbers were in the negitive. Dr couldnt get my resting heart rate under 160 !  After a cancer scare and heart scare I decided to have it removed. They said its why I m/
  • I have hypothyroid and MTHFR also.
    I am taking a prescription parental and prescription folic acid . I also am taking a baby aspirin and 100mg of leveloxyl . I am still waiting for my bfp so not sure how they will monitor me yet

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