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Are you all still having some?

I read 2 cups of coffee a day is fine, so that's what I've been having. It's actually down a cup from what I was having (3) so that's good.

I sooo need my coffee.  I don't drink soda or anything else with caffeine.

Anyone still having theirs? 

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Re: Caffeine

  • With four kids at home, I NEED coffee. I'm still drinking my one cup a day!
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  • I drink 1 cup a day as well. With DS I cut out caffeine all together (more because of the morning sickness) and I got the worst headaches! I called my OB and she told me to drink a coke!

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  • I usually allow myself 1-2 diet sodas if I really want them. I think the recommendation is to stay below 200 mg of caffeine, and sodas only have 45 per.
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  • I never drank caffeine on a regular basis, but would enjoy a cup of coffee every now and then. I drank a cup the other morning and it made me so sick and jittery. I don't think I'll risk it again :/
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  • Luckily, for me, this isn't a hard habit for me to kick.  I have never been a coffee drinker, and over the last year I have been cutting my soda intake down.  My last coke was a week and a a half ago and I am going to try to eliminate all caffei
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  • I have never drank coffee, but I do have a chai latte a few days a week.
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  • I would if the smell and taste didn't turn me off. I had 1-2 when I was pregnant with my others.
  • I have a cup of tea every morning.  It used to be hot tea, but now makes me gag.  I've switched over to iced tea because its apparently acceptable to my body.


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  • One and a half cups for me! I love my morning joe. 
  • I had one 8oz cup of coffee in the morning during my first pg. I went by the recommended millograms of caffiene for pregnancy. The chart shows how many mgs of caffiene is in brewed coffee, starbucks coffee, tea, chocolate, soda. etc. Was very helpful :

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  • I've switched to decaf chai :) 
  • imageHopeIn2013:
    I usually drink a cup or two a day, but when I found out on Thursday, I kind of stopped. I had killer headaches si

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  • I'm needing mine, I have a small daycare so I have to keep up haha I'm at 12 cups a day, what I was with my first child and he was just fine:
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