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Postpartum period....

Is it possible to get it 4 weeks postpartum?? I had bleeding after she was born for maybe 8 or 10 days. Still some random minimal spotting.

Yesterday at exactly 4 weeks, I swear I have my period but that sounds ridiculous to me as I thought it would be much much longer. Its bright red like a period with the same cramping Abd nausea I get with my periods. I am also Breastfeeding, well pumping. So didn't thibk it would happen this early.

My periods have never been even close to normal

Did anyone else get theirs super early?
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Re: Postpartum period....

  • I also think I had my period exactly 1 month after the baby was born. But I didn't have cramps and it didn't last for too long and it wasn't that much, what made me wonder if it was really a period.

    Maybe it was just some bleeding... I am still s

  • I got mine after a month. I breastfeed too. My LO is 7 months now and ive been having my period consistently since then.
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  • I just got mine yesterday after 8 weeks.  I breastfeed for four weeks, pumped for two, and then went to formula for these past two.  It's heavier than before, but I was on the pill for years, so that made it lighter. I got pregnant with DS after
  • It's possible but not likely.  My bleeding also stopped and started up again.
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