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Good News for Good Friday!

Thought I'd share the happy news. Yesterday I had a spotting scare (pink/red) after taking my daughter to the park, so since it caught me off guard, I decided to call my clinic this morning to just keep them in the loop. They told me to go ahead and come in just to check to make sure everything's going okay. Obviously I was nervous since my last pregnancy was a missed incomplete miscarriage. Words couldn't explain the happiness I felt the second I saw that tiny heartbeat fluttering away on that screen! Baby looks fantastic. Just measuring a week behind, so I'm due November 19th instead of the 13th. Heartbeat is 125bpm, which is MUCH better since my last pregnancy at this same point, baby only had a heart rate of 95bpm. Surprisingly we even got to hear that little heartbeat! What a wonderful sound. I'm truly hoping that this is a great sign that our little peanut will stick around for us!! 

I also have to brag about how awesome my new clinic is. What a breath of fresh air compared to my old place! When I called, they truly listened to my concerns and really sounded like they cared. Everyone I talked to was so patient, kind, and friendly and it's wonderful they went ahead and brought me in today. I was expecting them to be like my last clinic where they'd just make me wait, brushing off my concerns! The ultrasound lady was extremely nice and even had fruit snacks for my daughter! I've definitely found MY clinic! :) 

My husband was elated to see that little heartbeat. He was sitting behind me and had some happy tears streaming down his face when we heard and saw the heartbeat. :) 

Definitely some great news for this Good Friday! On top of that, here in Iowa we are having a beautiful sunny 60 degree day. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our little one! We go back in 2 weeks for my 8 week appointment and there will be another ultrasound. Let's hope for good news! :) 

Hope you ladies are all having a fantastic start to your holiday weekend! Love and blessings to you all. :)

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  • Yay!
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  • That's great news! I'm enjoying this nice Iowa weather too. So glad you got to hear the heartbeat!
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  • Very happy to hear everything was okay!  And woohoo for great clinics and caring professionals.  There are just not enough of those anymore.
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  • OH what a relief!!  Glad your LO is doing well in there :)

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  • Good Friday Indeed!! Smile

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