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Dry Skin?

My daughter has dry skin. She has only had it for the winter when we use the wood stove alot. This past week it has gotten worse. Usually she does not itch it and it doesn't seem to bother her. This week she has been itching it like crazy and has even left scratches and has made some bleed. We haven't changed anything like detergent, foods, soaps, etc. We also do not usually put lotion on her. I didn't know if anyone had any ideas of lotion that helps with dry skin for toddlers. We have also given her 3 oatmeal baths since she has started itching. Hasn't really made a difference. thanks

Re: Dry Skin?

  • I slather a thick coat of Aquaphor on her dry skin (cheeks, upper arms, outer thighs) and it helps tremendously.
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  • image gracefulruby33:
    I slather a thick coat of Aquaphor on her dry skin (cheeks, upper arms, outer thighs) and it helps tremen
  • Aquaphor (By Eucerin), our little guy has dry skin as well, we put the Aquaphor on his trouble areas twice a day, and it works great. It might be the wind causing it to get worse...if you're in a windy area...which in March is pretty much everywhere.
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  • One of my twins has had really bad dry skin on her face this winter.  Her poor cheeks kept getting bright red and would obviously bother her.  I asked our pedi about it and he called in a prescription strength cortisone cream (2% i think). &nbsp
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  • We've had this problem this winter as well w/ my daughter who's 15 months. She gets super dry on her cheeks, arms and legs. I usually put aquaphor on her cheeks at bedtime and then on her body I put Aveeno for eczema w/ aquaphor on top of that for the pat
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  • I put the Aveeno eczema lotion on DS after each bath, and I spot check every morning for dry skin when he gets dressed. If I find a dry patch, I use Vanicream.
  • DS gets bad dry scaley patches. We use aveeno lotion and body wash daily, then put Aquaphor and hydrocortisone on the bad patches. 

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