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Hi! Just wondering what your twin weight gain has been so far.
I'm up 10 pounds at 20 weeks.
Pre pregnancy weight was around 158.
Dr said its a great weight gain so far!

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  • Get dr. Luke's book, "when you're expecting twins, triplets or quads." This really helps give a guideline for how much weight to put on for healthy birth weight multiples. I think she may go a little over board, but I'm ok with it if it gives me big babie
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    Get dr. Luke's book, "when you're expecting twins, triplets or quads." This really helps give a guideline for how much w
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  • I was up 15 lbs at 19 weeks. My PP weight is similar to yours. I didn't gain v much at all during first tri, maybe 4 or 5 lbs.

    I don't own a scale so I have no idea how much I've gained since then.

    My OB gave me the guideline o

  • I started at 124 and ended at 175 (51lbs). It was a lot of weight to carry around, but I made it to almost 38 weeks. I am back down to 138ish now and am hoping to get back down to my pp weight when I stop nursing.
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  • I started at 135 and I am up 12 lbs at 19 weeks.  I was concerned because I don't see myself meeting Dr. Luke's recommendation of 24 lbs by 24 weeks, but both my OB and MFM said I was fine.  They said 10 lbs by 20 weeks, and 1 to 2 lbs a week af


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  • Dr. Luke says to gain 24 pounds by 24 weeks. It does feel excessive at first, but she writes, that it is the only way to get big healthy babies. That being said; I  have gained 16.8 pounds, and I am in my 18th week. So I feel like I am behind. But I
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  • My doctor hasn't made any mention of me not gaining enough weight, so my worries are eased for now.  I started at 135, and now at 24 weeks, I have put on 13-15 lbs.  I keep fluctuating.  Last week I was 150 and this week I'm 148.  I am
  • I'm up 23 lbs at 21 weeks. I'm 5'7'' and pp weight was 150. It's all in my belly so far! and I'm averaging about a lb per week.
  • I gained 56 lbs (from 130) by delivery at 36 weeks but a lot of it was water weight. I was SO swollen and I had lost 41 lbs by my two week post partum check up. All that to say you don't have to gain a ton to make healthy babies. Despite the fact that the
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  • I'm up 16 lbs at 19 weeks.  Ob was happy with my weight gain at my appointment this morning.  Fingers crossed for healthy babies - I don't think I can keep up with Dr Luke's recommendations, but I'm doing my best!

  • At 20wks I'm up 19lbs, so averaging about a pound a week.  I know the gain will pick up towards the end and am expecting that I'll exceed 40lbs total for this pregnancy.

    My actual gain goes in spurts: 2lbs one week, zero the next.  I do

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  • almost 16 weeks. down 7. 

    I was 277 pre pregnancy.  


    My doctor said I just might be one of those women that loose the whole time. 

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  • I was concerned that I hadn't gained Dr. Luke's 24 lbs by 24 weeks. She says that it's difficult to gain weight later in a twin pregnancy because eating is difficult, but I never had that problem. I am 6' tall and weighed about 150 pre pregnancy. I wei
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  • I started at 152 and went up 38 pounds. My babes were 5' 12 at 34 weeks, and all the weight came off with them.
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    almost 16 weeks. down 7.  I was 277 pre pregnancy.  My doctor said I just might be one of those women th

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  • I gained a total of 36lbs, had babies that were 5.7 and 5.9 born at 35.6 with no NICU time.  I didn't gain any weight until 22 weeks but the MFM doctor wasn't concerned at all. I was average size pre-pregnancy, and had lost all my weight by 4 weeks p
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