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We just gave DS strawberries for the first time - he loves them! - and have noticed a diaper rash the past couple of days, nothing major but one that actually seems to sting him when we wipe.  He's had redness before, but nothing that ever seemed to bother him.  Anyone know if strawberries could be the cause? I'm wondering if their acidity is bothering him. TIA!
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Re: Strawberries

  • My son is allergic to strawberries. He doesn't get a diaper rash but his whole head turns red and his face is itchy. What you're describing sounds a little similar except on the other end. I'd keep an eye on it the next time you give him the berries and i
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  • They're a big allergen. So he may be allergic to them...although I know we were told to stay away from oranges when LO was younger because their acidity could cause diaper rash.
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  • Sounds like its the strawberries. My daughter breaks out in a mild rash from them. We have removed them from her diet, but plan to reintroduce sometime in the future. They usually outgrow this. 

    I would watch and maybe limit the berries. &nb

  • image Crash Into Me:
    It's probably the acidity.  DD's bottom turns red after too much tomato sauce, strawberries, and oranges.

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  • My son loves strawberries, but always ends up with a little redness on his bottom after going #2. I assume it's the acidity of the berries. It usually clears up overnight, but I limit how much he gets.
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  • Yup. Sounds like either an allergic reaction or acidity. Your LO will probably outgrow it.

    We used to have really really bad diaper rash with citrus and tomatoes. Now, DD just gets a little redness around her face with tomatoes. She loves them, b

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