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Recurrent ear infections?

About two was ago ds2 was diagnosed w another ear infection.   His second in a month and prob his forth total.  Plus one sinus inf before too.   That's a lot of antibiotics. 

I know they say not all need to be treated but he gets the fluid too which is dangerous and he's cranky--mainly at night waking a zillion times.  We go for a follow up since he's been off of the augmentin for 5 days and I'd swear he has it still!!   I'm worried and not sure what the next step is.  Anyone have this?   I mean 3 antibiotics in about a month??  



Re: Recurrent ear infections?

  • I think the next step has to do with how aggressive your Dr wants to be. We've had reoccuring ear infections and constant fluid in the ear. It is my understanding that fluid in the ear though isn't always dangerous though with infections can lead to he

  • Some things to consider... Daily probiotic.... All the good bActeria has been obliterAted! That good bacteria is a boon to the immune system. Chiropractic care... Proper alignment can help with the fluid buildup. And... Consider alternatives to milk, sinc
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  • We had tubes placed in my sons ears 4 weeks ago.  Best thing we ever did.  He had his first ear infection (which was  double EI) mid November.  The fluid never drained.  It just kept reinfecting.  By January he was throwing u

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  • My younger DD had seven ear infections from 12 mos-16 mos.  They just never went away.  We opted to have tubes put in her ears and did so three days after our consult with the ENT.  The procedure was simple, and we've been so pleased with t
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