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For those with talkers

I know each LO is different so this may be completely irrelevant but I was curious as to what you have noticed with your LOs.

If your LO is talking actively (eg- seems to know what he/she is saying for the most part, lots of words) did you notice anything verbally before this happened? My LO has said a couple of words (mama, dada, baba, yea, no -- sometimes he seems to understand but others it's just babble) but recently has started getting much more verbal making up his own baby language (cutest one is "boogie boogie"). I was just wondering if anyone's child suddenly started this behavior if they began talking soon after or if it still took their LO awhile of babbling to speak.  

Anyways I'm not worried about LO I was just curious about this sudden behavioral change and if anyone had something similar happen relatively quickly, or if the talking came more gradually. 

Re: For those with talkers

  • Dd did everything in spurts, including talking. We also did sign language with her and she would just start picking up more and more words faster and faster. 
  • My LO just started the nonsensical babbling, but has a vocabulary of about 75 words. When he started talking, it was completely out of nowhere. Although, since he started babbling, his vocabulary has seemed to grow more quickly than before and he repea

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  • DS went from about 10-15 words (16 months) to having a new word a day. I don't remember that he made up words until after the language explosion began.

    But for him, language was pretty much overnight.

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  • LO did babbling for a long time. Then around 15 months she started saying a handful of words all of a sudden. She slowly started adding more and more, but then about 1-2 months ago she seemed to have another spurt...which toward the end of it to the prese
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