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How late does ppd show up?

I'm just wondering if that's what I'm experiencing right now. DH has been super busy with work and is hardly home and im starting to resent him for it even though i know its not his fault that he's has to work so much. I've been short with my kids, yes even my 1 yr old! I feel like all I do us fulfill my kids and husbands needs. I just don't know if I'm in a rut or if there is something more going on.

Re: How late does ppd show up?

  • I actually recently spoke with my OB's nurse about this. I was prescribed zoloft last summer for it, and I stopped it in the fall. Last month I felt that the PPD was coming back so I called my OB. They said that it is indeed too late in the game to be

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  • No matter what label anyone gives it, it's still not ok for you to have to feel that way and there is help out there. Post partum depression, depression, anxiety, whatever. Go get help. :
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  • My sister was diagnosed with PPD a about 15 months after giving birth. Her symptoms were constant though, she was just never correctly diagnosed. In your case since the symptoms seems to only be starting now I think you'd probably need to see your family
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  • I just recently went to my GP about this same type of thing.  They put me on some anxiety meds and I can tell a huge difference already.  Call your doctor and get some help.  I'm not saying it's not PPD but you really need to get some help.
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