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From laid back to whiny 9 mo...wth?

Our Lo is such a laid back baby, nothing has really ever bothered her and she has always been easy to comfort when upset. All of a sudden this week she has been the most needy,clingy,whiny little thing and it just blows my my mind!

Last week she was with my mom for two days, who probably held her a lot more than normal, but would that be enough to change her to being "used" to being held?! I'm at a loss, my daycare lady is even really surprised. She's just getting over a minor cold but it was nothing serious?

Anyone else go through this pattern at this age? Do they go back to normal? Please say yes

Re: From laid back to whiny 9 mo...wth?

  • I have a very laid back baby too, but he gets very fussy sometimes from what I know to be teething pain!!

    He started to get whiny at about 6 months then 3w later his first tooth came he has 8 teeth but I think his molars might be starti

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  • Could be teething or getting sick. That's also a super normal age for separation anxiety to kick in which I would bet on given the change in routine. 
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  • DS is super laid back baby too. I notice when he's whiny or fussy it's usually associated with teething pains. And those nights when he's extra fussy he wakes up more MOTN too because he's in pain.
  • My 9.5 mo old went through an entire week of being fussy and clingy. He normally STTN, but woke up screaming around midnight 2 nights in a row. He was so miserable and not himself, I thought maybe he had an ear infection or something, so I took him to hi
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