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Ideas for fun Easter foods for kids?

I've come across ideas such as bunny pancakes (I do this every year) or bunny rolls like in the link below.  Any other fun Easter food ideas for kids?  (besides dyeing eggs?)

Re: Ideas for fun Easter foods for kids?

  • I do this pretzel thing...stick pretzels in a bowl, I melt white chocolate and mix together with pretzels then plate it to look like a nest which the kids help me with, then we put a lot of jelly beans on top all different kinds and it fast tho
  • We made a bunny cake last year. SUPER cute and fun to make. But we only ate 1/2 an ear. So whatever we make this year needs to be shared with the local PD!
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  • Sugar cookie mix pressed into a greased mini-muffin tin.  Bake according to package directions.  Then frost with green frosting and add chocolate eggs.  

    Cute.  I tried to google it but didn't have much luck.  My sister a

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  • Also - google "Cinnabunny"  They are cute and look yummy!!
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  • nah82nah82 member
    Egg shaped jello jigglers if you can get ahold of one of the molds.
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