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Am I doing something wrong?

My son recently turned 9 months hes still not crawling which I'm not really concerned about but hes also not sitting up on his own which I am concerned about. Is there something I can do to help him with these things or something I'm doing wrong. I'm a FTM and I really dont want him to be at a disadvantage or be behind if I can help him
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Re: Am I doing something wrong?

  • Talk to your pedi or contact your county/state Early Intervention program.  EI is free and they will do an evaluation to see if he qualifies for therapy.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong, but they would be able to tell you more than anyon

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  • My son might be birthday buddies with your little guy as he is 9 Months and 1 week today as well.

    When you say sitting up on his own do you mean the physical act of sitting up on his own?  Can he stay in a sitting position if you plop him th

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  • He doesnt do great sitting if I put him there but he can do it for a bit. I worry I didnt give him enough tummy time in the beginning. I had really significant ppd and when we were home alone in for awhile he would sit in his swing I'd still feed and chan
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  • You did NOT do anything wrong!  Those first few months my kids just screamed on their tummies so I didn't do much either.

    It does sound like he might be a little delayed but many kids at this age are.  The good news is EI is wonderful (

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  • Thanks we have an apt with our pediatrician April 9th I will check with him thenI had never heard of early intervention this young before.
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  • I doubt he is delayed, but your pedi will be a better judge. My DS ( born 6/14) is only just starting to army crawl, and he hasn't gotten into sitting position on his own yet. He can sit up to play with toys if I put him on the floor. I got him a sit-to-s


  • Kids all kinda develop at their own pace. It's a good idea to mention any concerns you have to your pedi, but it doesn't sound completely outrageous to me that he's not sitting up or crawling. My friend had her son the day after I had Liv. Her son ha
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  • My DD started getting into seated position at 10 months, started crawling at 10.5 months and pulled up for the first time at 11 months. She's crawling everywhere, cruising now and pulling up on everything. I was worried like you as well bc I'm a FTM. My p
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