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Mock Transfer before IVF?

Hi everyone. I've been posting on the TTC board and didn't know this board existed before I asked the following question and was pointed this directionBig Smile

Can someone explain the timing of a Mock transfer this to me? Is it the cycle before IVF or at the beginning of your IVF cycle? Our "options" appt is on Friday and I think the dr. is likely going to recommend IVF based on low motility, so I'm trying to figure out how long we'll be waiting to jump into that adventure. Thanks!

Our Novel of TTC:

*Male Factor (low count and low motility), High Prolactin, and Polycystic Ovaries (March 2013)
*Recurrent Miscarriage testing also revealed high anti-phospholipids & single MTHFR mutation. (Feb 2014) 

*IVF (07/2013): BFP-Natural Miscarriage @ 5 weeks* <3 Madison Riley <3
*FET #1 (10/2013): BFN
*FET #2 (12/2013)- BFP-Missed Miscarriage at 8 weeks <3 Kyle Andrew <3
*Chromosomes and Karotyping tests were both normal.We lost a healthy baby boy :(
*FET #3 (04/2014) was cancelled after finding Chronic Endometritis
*Miraculous BFP July 2014!! (I was taking baby aspirin and Cabergoline to stay regulated while "taking a break from TTC" and waiting to consult with a reproductive immunologist!!!) 

Our healthy baby girl was born 03/10/15 thanks to daily Lovenox injections and baby aspirin. There are no words for how grateful I am for our rainbow baby. <3

Re: Mock Transfer before IVF?

  • I've had this done prior to the cycle and I've had this done directly before the actual transfer, as in, minutes before the loaded cath is employed. It's even quicker/easier than an IUI and not a complicated aspect of IVF, unless you have a really difficu
  • Edwina is right. The doc can do the mock transfer pretty much at any time. The way my RE explained it to me as it's just so they can gage the position of your uterus, depth of uterus, and ease of entry through the cervix. It is relatively quick, and only

    My BLOG: -Update - old blog.

    PAIF/SAIF Welcome!
    Me: 42, Hubby: 35, TTC since Jan 2010. Dx: DOR due to advanced maternal age. Also: Hypothyroidism (100mcg Levothyroxin). Positive for MTHFR (hetero-C677T), Factor V Leiden, and Fragile X (on DH side). Taking pre-natal vitamins
    First natural PG 9/27/11; mc: 1/20/12
    First RE visit: 8/8/12, Saline Sonogram: 8/28/12, IVF injection class: 10/11/12, add FaBB Tab for FVL, +Vitamin D.
    IVF #1
    : 10/17/12 Baseline: FSH- 9.4, E2- 24, LH- 3.7, Prog- 0.3 The u/s showed 6 follicles in my right  & 9 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle & 150 Menopur SQ nightly. 10/21/12: Add Ganirelix SQ every morning.
    ER 10/28/12: 13 Retreived. 7 Mature. 6 Fertilized. 5 Made it to PGS. ET 11/2/12: CANCELED. All 5 came back from PGS as having "severe abnormalities."
    IVF #2: 1/7/13 Baseline: FSH- 8.8, 4 follicles in my right & 6 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle & 150 Menopur SQ nightly. 1/11/13: Add Ganirelix SQ every morning. hCG Trigger 1/16/13
    ER 1/18/13: 9 Retrieved. 5 Mature. 5 Fertilized. 2 Made it to PGS. ET 1/23/13: CANCELED. All embryos (he even sent the ones not growing) came back from PGS as having "multiple severe abnormalities."
    IVF #3:
    NEW RE! 3/1/13 Baseline: FSH- 9.6, E2- 61, Prog- 0.94, 3 follicles in my right & 4 in my left. Rx: 150 Bravelle& 150 Menopur SQ in PM. 3/7/13: Add Ganirelix SQ in AM. hCG Trigger 3/9/13 SQ.
    ER 3/11/13: 6R, 2M, 2F. Day 3: one 8 cell, grade 0.  Five day ET 3/16/13: one early blast, grade Fair. 3/24/13 AF came a day before beta. BFN

    IVF #4: (Added acupuncture to this cycle.) 3/25/13 WTF & Baseline: FSH-11.8, E2- 56, Prog- 0.84 3/26/13 Start stims. 3/30/13 u/s: 5 follicles in my right & 4 in my left. Rx: 225 Bravelle& 225 Menopur SQ in PM. 3/31/13 Add Ganirelix SQ in AM.hCG Trigger 4/3/13 SQ.
    ER 4/5/13: 5R, 3M, 3F naturally. Day 3: two 8 cell, grade 0, one 8 cell, grade 2 (Scale 0-best to 3-worst). Five day ET 4/10/13: two blastocysts (the 3rd stopped growing.) Beta 4/18/13: 2.5 BFFN. RE recommends we stop trying and focus on living childless, due to the extremely poor quality of my eggs.
    Decided to stop trying and live CFNBC. I couldn't adjust. So, six months later...
    IVF #5: Changed RE. Going to one of the big name clinics now. OWDU: 10/29/13. Update: HORRIBLE experience. Disgusted and distraught at their complete unprofessionalism and how much money and precious time they cost us. Sickening. Have now changed RE again. New Patient appt. 1/30/14.
    BFP! Out of nowhere, I got KU the old fashioned way! POAS 1/26/14 - Positive! FDLM 12/30/13. Beta #1 16dpo= 373. Beta #2 18dpo= 801. EDD 10/6/14
    2/4/14 1st U/S revealed a 5wk2day sac but no fetal pole. Started 200mgs of progesterone suppositories daily
    2/11/14 2nd U/S revealed a perfect 6wk1day "diamond ring" embryo with a beating heart! 138bpm! Add 1mg folic acid and 40mg Lovenox
    2/25/14 3rd U/S: perfect 8w1d embryo, 178bpm. 3/6 start spotting. 3/11 10w1d U/S shows no heartbeat. Scheduling D&C. The Stork has forsaken me again.
    IVF #5.2: New in-state RE. Supplement priming for 1.5 cycles prior to start of cycle, including DHEA 50mg (stopped 5/15), CoQ10 200mg 2x/day, L-Arginine- 1000mg 2x/day (stopped 6/5 due to cold sore!), myo-inositol- 2g 2x/day, melatonin- 3mg, and Neevo (prenatal for MTHFR).
    5/16/14 Day 2 bw cycle prior: FSH- 12.22, E2- 38.37, Prog- 1.35, LH- 9.46. 6/2/14 Day 19 bw: Prog- 23
    6/12/14 Baseline: E2- 122.7, Prog- 0.4. 5 follicles in left, 4 follicles in right. Start stims: 375IU Follistim & 150IU Menopur. 6/19 Increase Follistim to 425IU, Menopur still 150IU. 6/18 add Ganirelix. 6/23 Ovidrel trigger SQ. 6/25 ER: 8R, 8M, 5F naturally. Start Medrol & Doxy. 6/26 Start Endometrin. 7/2 Start Lovenox.
    7/8/14 Beta= 137.4 BFP!!! (My first from IVF!) E2- 1109, Prog- >60. Stop CoQ10, myo-inositol, and melatonin. 7/9 2nd Beta= 281.4. TSH- 2.70. Increasing Synthroid to 100mcg daily. 7/24 6w3d u/s measured 6w3d, hb: 121bmp! 8/5 8w1d u/s measured 8w3d, hb: 164bpm! Graduated from RE to OB. Now I just need to find an OB!
    EDD 3/18/15!

  • I had mine done at my prep appointment before getting started. It was very simple and hurt less than an IUI. He took some measurements and he also did an ultrasound to check the placement of my ovaries for retrieval. 
    29 yrs. old w/ DOR & LPD: Highest FSH 30, AMH 0.16, low antral follicle count
    IUI#1 w/ Clomid, Trigger, and Crinone: BFP 9/12/12, EDD 5/24/13, mm/c 10/13/12, Testing done = Trisomy 16
    IUI#2-8 (injectables): BFN
    IVF #1- April 2013: Only 1 follicle on max stims- Converted to IUI: BFN
    DE IVF#1: BFP!! EDD 11/20/14
    BabyFruit Ticker
  • I had a mock transfer during my first round of IVF between suppressions and stims I believe.  I know my SIL is having one done Monday and she is a May cycler.
    Me 27 DH 33 dx MFI
    1st cycle of IVF w/ ICSI = started bcp's 8/2/12, lupron 8/22/12, stims 9/7/12,ER 9.20.12 ET 9/23/12 3dt 1 6A and 1 4B; Positive HPT 10/2/12, BFP Beta 10/3/12: 38!, 2nd Beta 10/5/12 28 :( worst phone call ever. 3rd beta 10/9/10 2.9...
    IVF #2 w/ ICSI = bcp 3/1, ER/ET planned for the week of 4/8
  • rlk2rlk2
    Tenth Anniversary 500 Love Its 1000 Comments Photogenic
    I did mine two months before starting ivf we didn't want to start ivf until January. Wasn't too bad but was definitely not comfortable. A lot of cramping.
    TTC 2 years- Me and DH (28) with (severely) low sperm count- less than 40 total (last 2 SA showed only 5 and 6 sperm each)
    IVF #1: ER 1/23/13- 4 eggs retrieved, 3 eggs fertilized; ET with 1 embryo 1/28/13 2 frosties beta #1 2/5 was 4.8- beta #2 2/7 3.5; BFN
    FET #1- transferred one beautiful 4AA embie. Praying this is my take home baby. Beta 5/7/13- BFFN!!!
    IVF #2: ER 7/17/13: 6R/3F- transferred 1 blast and 1 10 cell embryo 5dt.   Beta hell.  #1 2.5, #2 2.2- BFFFN! REALLY?
    IVF #3: ER 12/1 and only 2 retrieved.  1 fertilized with ICSI.  Was planning on transferring one fresh and one frozen....fresh was only 14 cells at day 5...CANCELLED and devastated due to 5cm blood filled cyst in ovary and blood in uterus.
    IVF #4: Antagonist protocol with endometrial scratch day one of stims.  ER 4/21: 6R/4M/3F- transferred 2 beautiful blasts (5dt) and one was hatching!  No frosties but hoping we won't need it!  Beta 5/4/14- 444(8dp5dt), Beta #2 10dp5dt 1002!  THIS HAS GOT TO BE IT!!!!!!!!!!  First US 5/15 we saw two of the most beautiful gestational and yolk sacs I have ever seen!  

    BRINLEY AND RILEY LONG.  Born November 20, 2014 at 32 wks 3 days.  4lbs7oz and 4lbs5oz.  1 month NICU time for "B's" and growing and feeding.  Now healthy, thriving, beautiful little girls!

  • I had one done about a month before I started meds.  The RE wanted to make sure everything was normal
    Married since 2004 Primary POF Foster parent but have no had an adoption trying embryo adoption Just want a forever baby RE jacksonville FL FIRM
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