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9 months - nurses 4 times a day

Does this seem normal?

6am - nurses

9am- nurses

12pm - nurses and solids

3pm - puffs and water

6pm - nurses and solids

 My daughter has her well-appointment tomorrow and I'm going to ask her pedi, but my pedi formula-fed her baby, so sometimes I feel like she doesn't really know how to answer my BFing questions.  

We are aiming to wean her by 12 months, or shortly thereafter. As she gets closer to 12 months, do I just replace the liquids she would normally be getting through breast milk with water?? That seems strange to me...

 Tell me your 9-10 month old schedule and how you plan to wean. Thanks!! 

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Re: 9 months - nurses 4 times a day

  • That was the exact schedule my son was on from about 9 months til 12 months.  At 12 months, we dropped everything but the morning and bedtime nursing and give him whole milk with all meals and water if he's thirsty at other times during the day. &nbs

  • DS is down to 5 to 7 sessions in 24 hours. That's with 3 overnight feedings. There are some days he won't nurse during the day except for morning and bedtime. He refuses most times I offer. That started about 3 weeks ago.

    We do BLW so it's no
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  • My son is 9.5 months and nurses at 4AM, 6AM, 5ozbottle at daycare X3, then nurses at 5PM. He has solids 3-4 times per day.  I would suspect he has 25-30oz of milk a day.  He's a big boy (22lbs) and has always nursed a lot.

     At o

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  • I know your mainly curious about BF babies, but DS takes 4  7oz bottles per day, along with three small meals. He is 9.5 months old.


  • The only thing about that schedule that i question is the 3pm puffs and water. There is no real nutritional value there. I would try doing a healthy snack and nursing. Maybe blueberries, a chunk of banana, or some green beans. If LO doesn't want to nurse
  • Oh wow mine still nurses 7 times a day and sometimes more!
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    The only thing about that schedule that i question is the 3pm puffs and water. There is no real nutritional value the
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  • My LO only nurses 3 times a day.. Sometimes 4. 

     5 am nurse

    8 am breakfast 

    11:30 am lunch & nnurse

    snack inbetween 

    5 pm dinner & nurse 


    dr says she is healthy. </p

  • My LO started refusing his bedtime session about a week ago, so we are now down to 4x/day. And he actually had two days that he only took the breast 3x. I offered, but he refused. He eats three solid meals a day, has an afternoon snack of finger foods

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  • Everything I've read says that 9 month olds only need to nurse 3 -4 times a day.  Our schedule is:

    6am: nurse

    7:30am: breakfast 

    9:30am: nurse

    12pm: lunch 

    3pm: nurse

    6pm: dinner

    7pm: nurse 

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