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My Breast Friend Vs. Boppy?

Which do you prefer? Would it be silly to have both?
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Re: My Breast Friend Vs. Boppy?

  • I was just talking to an LC about this yesterday. The breasted friend is ideal for newborns ...I used one for the first time yesterday and it was great...but it can be bigger than you need when they are older. The boppy is shaped kinda weird but is great
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  • I heard the MBF was better for plus size moms, so it's what I registered for. I used it for the first two or three months, and it's been tucked away ever since. But it was great, and I liked the back support.
  • I have both and liked having both. The breastfriend is so great for the first couple months. And I used the boppy after the first few months .

  • I had both and liked having both, but I didn't use the Boppy for BF.  We used it to prop up DD on the floor, or to help her while she was learning to sit.
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  • My Brest Friend.  I never used my boppy.
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  • I have the boppy and still use it. It was great for when he was learning to sit up as well.

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    I thought the MBF was a lot easier and more comfortable to use for nursing. We used the boppy on occasion for propping him up, tummy time, etc. but in my experience it wasn't a must-have.
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  • I have both....I don't think it is overkill.  But the MBF is better for feeding and the boppy is better for loungining/sitting.  In the end I didn't wind up using the MBF for more than a few weeks because DS spits up a lot and I try to keep him
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  • I have both too. one upstairs, one downstairs. I liked the MBF early on but now that we have BF down, I like the boppy better. They are both great though.

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  • I got both - one as a hand me down, one as a gift. If I had to pick, I'd say get the my breast friend. I thought that was a lifesaver in the beginning. I hardly use the boppy. 
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  • I have both. For breast feeding the breast friend was a godsend. Everything I use the boppy for I also use pillows for, so definitely could have done without.
  • I have both. The Brest Friend was great when LO w in the nicu, but now I like the boppy better. I even tried using the BF tonight and ended up getting my boppy and using it. The BF doesn't keep LO as high as I would like while nursing. 
  • I started with MBF, but I couldn't get comfortable nursing my baby with it.  Then I got the Boppy, hoping that would work.  I didn't like that one either.  Baby and I were comfortable enough with a few pillows wherever we were--in bed or

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