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We're doing a Cinco de Mayo themed first birthday party for our daughter, and we're planning to do a pull-string pinata for the babies in attendance. Can you think of some good things to put inside the pinata that would be baby appropriate (i.e., nothing they can choke on) and not too heavy when all the innards spill out onto the kids? So far, I've thought of those individual packs of baby mum-mums. And now I'm drawing a blank. Anything else you can suggest?

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  • inflatable mini-beach balls (babies love balls and they can't choke on these ones!), ribbon wands, mini-bubbles


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  • Snack packs of goldfish crackers and pretzels, mini boxes of crayons, bubble tubes, bouncy balls (big enough not to choke on) city and target both have a lot of party favors, and a decent amount of them are big enough not to be choking hazards.
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  • Everything said before except the bubbles, the tubes could break when they fall from the pinata and you'd get a big mess!

    Other options are little stuffed animals, playdoh (the ones individually wrapped in a plastic bag), accessories like bows, f

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  • We just did this at my daughter's 2nd bday party, and I put in individual packages of goldfish, twizzlers, and chewy fruit snacks. It was a big hit!
    Our sweet girl is 3!

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