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It's BMs turn to throw SDs birthday party this year.  She planned the party for April 6, so less than 2 weeks from now.  She hasn't even sent invitations.  She asked me to reserve the community building in our town for it, so I did, but she has yet to drop off the check so who knows if it's even still available now.

This is the second time she's done this.   I knew it was a possibility, but I'm still just really sad for SD.

We have planned a surprise party for this Saturday for her with our family.  Hopefully that will keep her from feeling that her birthday isn't important.  But I know she's going to be mad at her mother.  She's promised her a party with all her friends and for some unknown reason she just won't deliver.

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  • Yup - our BM did the same thing. Told DH "no" when he mentioned doing a "friend" party for SD because she already had something planned for the whole class. That party turned out to be guy#3, his daughter, BM and SD going to ChuckECheese. Oh and B

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  • These stories break my heart. I remember being little and being so excited for my birthday party with all my friends. I looked forward to it for weeks in advance. I cant imagine how disaapointing it would be if my mom just said we werent doing anything th
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